The ideal venue for action seekers with ground and water activities!

Ypanema Activities

Beach Volley

Inside the premises in Ypanema beach, a fully equipped sandy Beach Volleyball field operates on a daily basis. You can train with your friends or take place in one of the random tournaments organized on the spot by Ypanema customers all summer long.

Beach Soccer

The sandy Beach Volleyball court is flexible and easily turned into a Beach Soccer court by removing the net and adding the soccer nets for soccer addicts.

Water Ski

Water ski is a sea sport for all ages and levels. Whether you want to cross the waves and enjoy an adventurous water ride or train on the sea field, the expert staff of the Lake Water Sports Club will meet your needs. Our specialized instructors possess the expertise to train you in every level, from your first attempt in water ski all the way to the conquering of the training sea field. Moreover, the Lake Water Sports Club in conjunction with the Marine Club “Arion”, may assist you in acquiring the athlete’s accreditation and compete in National & International games.


Wakeboard is the fastest developing sport on a global scale and it offers the ability of a prompt personal improvement and level advancement. It is highly recommended for adrenaline seekers and extreme sports lovers. We can instruct amateurs in their first attempts and train those that want to optimize their techniques and the pros of the sport. The Lake Water Sports Club train wakeboard athletes and assumes the organization and implementation of Wakeboard events every year.


Are you ready to get rid of your skis and try to ride the sea barefoot; The instructors of The Lake Water Sports Club will offer you their expert knowledge to start this amazing sea sport!


So, what if Hawaii is far away on the Pacific ocean; You can learn to tame the waves even when the sea is totally waveless! Get the rhythm of the waves and chase them!


If you want to relax and take a nice ride in the calm and safe waters of the lake, The Lake Water Sports Club has a wide range of kayaks available for you and your friends.


SUPS, which stands for Stand up paddle surfing and stand up paddle boarding (SUP), is a water sport which originates from Hawaii. The ideal environment for this water sport is found in lakes because of the total absence of the waves. Heraion Lagoon is the best place for you to practice SUPS whether you are a professional or an amateur.


Snorkeling offers freedom and simplicity that appeals to many who do not scuba dive. The Heraion Lagoon marine life and seabed is ideal for those that wish to explore ancient Greek culture since it is full of ancient relics and stones that date back even to the prehistoric era. In a closed distance, in the archaeological space of Heraion, divers will discover the remnants of the ancient port that welcomed the visitors of the Temple of Goddess Hera in Ancient Greece.

Speed Boat Tours

Fast and safe speed boat tours to the Heraion Archaeological site and other nearby beaches performed by “The Lake Water Sports Club” staff with the use of the club’s elegant speed boat.

Activities in Heraion Lagoon and the Heraion Archaeological site

The wider area of the lagoon and the Heraion archaeological site are ideal for the realization of many exciting activities upon request for groups.

Indicative activities:

  • Mountain Bike
  • Trekking
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Canyoning in nearby locations on the Gerania Mountains
  • Running events

& many more activities depending on the group’s wishes and sporting level.