Water Ski

Water ski is a water sport for all ages and levels. Whether you want to cross the waves and enjoy your ride or train in slalom and tricks it will be our pleasure/we will be delighted to help you achieve your goals! Our experienced coaches have the knowledge to instruct all levels, even from the first contact with the sport and until the conquest of the track. Furthermore, TLWSC, in collaboration with NOA-a club certified by the Hellenic Sea Ski Federation with active athletes and workforce junior development- offers you the opportunity to obtain an athlete’s card and participate in Panhellenic and International competitions!


Are you ready to throw away your skis and try your barefoot skills? TLWCS coaches are willing to offer their knowledge on any level you might be, from the bar or from behind with a rope. Their primal goal is to help you move on to the next level.


Wakeboard is the fastest developing sport in the world. In addition, it offers the ability to improve individual and change levels rapidly! It is ideal for the extreme sports lovers as well as for the adrenaline’s lovers! We are committed to teach beginners, pros of the genre and at the same time we train those who want to master their technique! TLWCS has engaged to coach wakeboarders of the Arion Nautical Club (NOA) and to organize sports events every year!


The Lake Water Sports Club undertakes one of the most exciting water sports, Windsurfing, which already has many friends and attracts more every day.
Windsurfing is a challenge for people of all ages, for a dynamic clash with the unique elements of nature, the air and water. If you want to feel completely free, Windsurfing is the best for you.
Lake “Heraion” offers the most suitable conditions for beginners and intermediate level trainees who want to try the sport.
The lessons are delivered individually or collectively with modern equipment.
Make the most of your experience, always under the guidance of an experienced trainer!

For further information: 6977603031.


Observing, underwater, the Heraion Lagoon is the ideal activity for those who love exploration. Its bottom hides secrets of many thousands of years! Nearby, in the archeological site of Heraion, you can explore the ruins of the ancient port. Once upon a time visitors was welcomed here, in the temple of Hera.

Half-day Tour Bike/Ebike

An amazing bike (or EBike) tour at Gerania mountain and Loutraki region that leads to Vouliagmeni Lake and Ypanema. 3.5 hours of Cycling to a unique part of our region, you will have the chance to see a panoramic view from St. Patapios monastery. The forest roads are calling you to explore more of our area with your bike or Ebike. 30km from Loutraki to village of Pissia-Perachora and Lake Vouliagmeni are for sure easy for everyone and make that tour an unforgettable experience.

Hiking at Lake Vouliagmeni (2.5 hours)

Establish contact with the natural environment of Vouliagmeni Lake and discover an amazing local path for an unforgettable hike. The tour features 2.5 hours of hiking on a basic level path, where you will have the chance to see a panoramic view of the blue lake (Vouliagmenis Lake), to feel the vibes of green pine trees and see a wooden cottage at the mountain.

Loutraki Hiking – Lake Vouliagmeni and lunch at Ypanema (full-day)

Following a magical route, starting from Loutraki and finishing at Vouliagmeni Lake, explore the unique nature of Geraneia and discover paths for an unforgettable hiking experience! The hike lasts approximately two and a half hours and it is addressed to everyone since the path is quite easy. During this time, you will have the opportunity to admire the panoramic view of the lake, to feel the vibes from the verdant mountain of Geraneia and to see the fire observatory at the peak. Closing this enchanting hike you will have 1 hour and 30 minutes free time in order to enjoy a meal at Ypanema or swim in the blue-transparent waters of the lake!